Be not the First to Cast the Stone - song


[3f] 'Musical Bouquet Office' 192,High Holborn-City agents: E.W.Allen,20,Warwick Lane and F.Pitman,20,Paternoster Row

Music:- Henry Russell (1812-1900)  Wds. Eliza Cook (1818-1889)     M.B.No.510   1st. printing was 1856, this copy 1862    pp.4  Design B3    Good disbound condition    

Eliza Cook, an author, Chartist poet and writer.  Her poem 'The Old Armchair' made her a household name for a generation

'Often do we gaze below us, On a frail and falling form, Proud, as if Sin did not know us, And our life-bloom hid no worm'

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