Home and Liberty, the Volunteer's Song and chorus

Ref. M.B.2467d

[3c] 'Musical Bouquet Office' 192,High Holborn-City agents: J.Allen,20,Warwick Lane and F.Pitman,20,Paternoster Row

J.Sidney Jones, arranger   Words by J. Taylor, Esq.

M.B.No.2467d   pp.6, last page full adverts   vv.4    1st.edition 1861    Condition is not too good, but this does predate the copy in the British Library

'True hearts and stalwart arms of yore  Built up old England's fame;  And in a hundred fights, and more,  Upheld her hoour'd name:'

1st.Chorus:- 'And Britain's sons again arise,  For home and liberty;  Before them ev'ry hindrance flies  Sons of the brave and free.'

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