A Merry Gipsey Girl Am I - song

Ref. M.B.2435

[6] London: Charles Sheard & Co.,196,Shaftesbury Av. (Bloomsbury End) W.C.

T. Paine (on cover) or E.A.Hosmer (inside)

M.B.No.2435   pp.4    vv.2    First printed 1861, this edition 1890's   Unsold, unbound, just a few signs of age

I wonder if a pseudonym is involved here, as under the respective names they wrote for the M.B., together, 5 other songs in 1861.  WorldCat cannot help.

'A merry, merry gipsey girl am I,  With my home in the wild wood green,  I know no care, but free as air  I rove the forest queen;' 

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