We Miss Thee at Home


[3b] 'Musical Bouquet' Office 192, High Holborn and J.Allen, 20, Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row

C. Converse

Composer:- Charlie Crozat Converse (1832-1918)    M.B.No.1695   1st.edition 1858    pp.4    vv.2  arr.for Pf. and voice    A sound, disbound copy, a little severly cropped    This is a 'Companion' to 'Do they miss me at home' by S.M.Grannis

 Converse wrote 6 pieces for the M.B., mainly in 1858

'We miss thee at home, yes! we miss thee  Since the hour we bade thee adieu, And prayers have encircled thy pathway,'

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