The Mocking Bird


[4] (London:Published by) C.Sheard 'Musical Bouquet' Office,192,High Holborn-City wholesale agents:E.W.Allen,11,Ave Maria Lane and F.Pitman,20,Paternoster Row

Music:- Christy Minstrels  and maybe Septimus Winner pseud. for Alice Hawthorne     Arranged by J.A.Wade    M.B.No.1670   First printed 1858, this copy 1863    pp.4    vv.3    Arr. for Pf. / solo/ chorus- S.A.T.B.    Unusually full size, though it had been stitched together with other pieces at one time, a fairly sturdy item    The design is P2 (see 'repeated designs')

'I'm dreaming now of Hally, of Hally, of Hally, I'm dreaming now of Hally, And the mocking bird is singing on the tree'

Chorus- 'Listen, listen, listen, listen to the mocking bird, The mocking bird is singing on the tree.'

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