Kiss Me Quick and Go


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Composer:- Frederick Buckley (1833-1864)  Words:- Silas S. Steel                                                      M.B.No.1485   First printed 1857/8, this copy 1859    pp.4    Design F (see repeated designs)    Arranged for pf./ S.or 1st.T./Alto or 1st.B./2nd.T./2nd.B.

 With his brothers, Fred. formed the 'Buckley Serenaders' in 1853 and were the first Minstrel troupe to tour America

'The other night while I was sparking Sweet Turlina Spray, The more we whisper'd our love talking, The more we had to say;'
Chorus:- 'Kiss me quick and go my honey,  Kiss me quick and go;  To cheat surprise and prying eyes,  Why kiss me quick and go.'

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