All's Well - vocal duet


[4] (London:Published by) C.Sheard 'Musical Bouquet' Office,192,High Holborn-City wholesale agents:E.W.Allen,11,Ave Maria Lane and F.Pitman,20,Paternoster Row

Composer:- John Braham (1774-1856)    Words:- Thomas Dibdin                                                          M.B.No.1363d   First printed 1857, this copy 1862    pp.6    Poorly disbound, poor condition, with a couple of tears and repairs    The design is FF, (see 'Repeated Designs')

 The music and words come from Braham's comic opera 'The English Fleet in 1342'.  Possibly from the 1790's

'Deserted by the waning moon, When skies proclaim night's cheerless noon, On Tower, Fort, or tented ground, The sentry walks his lonely round.'

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