Wait for the Wagon - song


[3b] 'Musical Bouquet' Office 192, High Holborn and J.Allen, 20, Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row

Composer:- George P. Knauff (1812-?)   

M.B.No.1167   1st.printed 1856, this copy 1859    pp.4    vv.4    Fairly poor copy.  Disbound     Set for solo and chorus, S.A.T.B.  

An American composer I believe.  He wrote a collection of 35 fiddle tune arrangements and 'Virginia Reels and Fiddling in the Antebellum South'

"Christy's Minstrels' Songs & Choruses, Sung by Messrs. Raynor, Burton, Wilsom, Moore, Collins, Meeker,& Christian"

1. 'Will you come with me my Phillis, dear, to yon blue mountain free, Where the blossoms smell sweetest, come rove along with me.'
Chorus:- 'Wait for the Wagon,  Wait for the Wagon,  and we'll all take a ride.'

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