The Hazel Dell - known as 'Bonny Jean'


[4] (London:Published by) C.Sheard 'Musical Bouquet' Office,192,High Holborn-City wholesale agents:E.W.Allen,11,Ave Maria Lane and F.Pitman,20,Paternoster Row

Composer:- G.F.Wurzel - pseudonym of George Frederick Root (1820-1895)     

 M.B.No.1025   First printed 1856, this copy 1862    pp.4    vv.3     Poor condition.  Disbound    The vignette is good, probably by A.Ashley

The ballad is set for solo and chorus, S.A.T.B.

'In the Hazel Dell my Nelly's sleeping, Nelly lov'd so long! And my lonely, lonely watch I'm keeping, Nelly lost and gone'

Chorus:- 'All alone my watch I'm keeping  In the Hazel Dell,..'

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