24 Simphonia/Sinfonia - figured basso part only

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A collection of Basso parts (Violoncello and cembalo), this 55 page collection (pp.2-55) is marked by its owner as 'periodical', at the end is printed 'End of the fourth Opera'  Its date would be in the 1770's. Each piece is printed separately, hence they could have been issued on a periodical basis and then bound together.

Nos.1-5 are called 'Simphonia' and 6-24 'Sinfonia'.  11 have no composer attributed, the composers named are Bach x2 - Pasquali Ricci x2 - Stamitz - Ld. Kelly - Jomelli - Abel - Richter - Pugnani - Piccini x3

The owner's own numbering, in ink, goes from 101-148.

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