Masaniello - 'Take Heed'- Barcarole- 2nd ed.

Ref. g 372

London, Published by I. Willis, 75, Grosvenor Street. 7, Westmorland Street, Dublin.

Daniel Auber  (1782-1871)   Arranged by Mr.T. Cooke   Written for the English stage by James Kenney   Sung by Mr. Braham

This address- 1836-1848   Stamped on p.1-7 'Royal Musical Depository 652' + a clear ink signature of James Kenney, Title page with a very clear illustration & pp.47-53 & pp.1-7, last page blank   Disbound, condition good

Begins:-  Behold how brightly breaks the morning,  Tho' bleak our lot our hearts are warm;

'Masaniello' was first produced in 1828

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