The Little Chimney Sweep - ballad - W.T.Parke

Ref. g89

William Thomas Parke   1762-1847

London Publish'd by Goulding, D'Almaine, Potter & Co. 20, Soho Squ, & 7, Westmorland St. Dublin

pp.6    wmk.1810    Engraved by J Fentum 78 Strand.   very scarce    Fair condition, had been folded

This is the first edition by Goulding, no other publisher used the material.  Sainsbury gives an interesting account of Parke, which includes a verse of a poem written by Pindar about him.

' 'Twas a keen frosty morn and the snow heavy falling when a child of misfortune was thus sadly calling sweep, sweep, sweep I am cold...'

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