Twelve Venetian Airs - 1st.Set - Biggs

Ref. g65

Edward Smith Biggs  late 1760's-1820's

[(1st.set) Twelve Venetian Airs for the Voice with original poetry adapted.  With an Accompaniment for the Harp or PianoForte. The last Six Airs which are Arranged as Duettos may be sung by a single voice. 8s/-]

London, Printed for Rt. Birchall, at his Musical Circulating Library 133 New Bond Street.

pp.2-25, p.25 original but pasted down    ca.1800    Biggs' monogram on p.2 with the number 356    There is no title page    Condition fine

1. La biondina in gondoletta  2. O miei cari Veneziani  3. S'e pur vero quell dite  4. Vo stare sulla mia  5. La mia crudel tiranna  6. Non so come la sia  7. Senti cara Ninetta  8. Cangia quell tuo rigore  9. Irene dov'รจ Irene  10. Senza construtto o cara  11. Misera son tradita  12. L'amore che sento del petto

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