The High Mettled Racer - song - Dibdin

Ref. g33

Charles Dibdin   1745-1814

'The High Mettled Racer, A Celebrated Song, Sung by Mr. Bannister in Liberty Hall.  and Mr.Dignum, at the Anacreontic Society.  Composed by Mr. Dibdin.   Pr. 1s.

London. Published by Duncombe, Book & Music Seller, 19, Little Queen St. Holborn

pp.3    wmk.1819    vv.4    From plates by Wm.Boag, 11, Great Turnstile Lincoln's Inn Fields, his address removed.    Fair, disbound condition

'See the Course throng'd with Gazers the sports are begun The confusion but hear I bet you Sir done, Ten thousand strange murmurs resound far and near,'

Should you be a horse lover then I don't recommend this one.

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