Our God is great - canon 4 in 2 & others

Ref. g233

No publisher given

ca.1790    pp.119-121, 2 leaves, last page blank    Disbound, condition fair, leaves nearly parted

Possibly from Harrington's 'Second Collection of Songs, Glees, Canons and Catches'

p.119 - Canon 4 in 2  'Praise the Lord O my Soul'  M.C.Festing

            Catch - 'Look Neighbours look!'  Mr.Harrington

            Glee - 3pt.  'Drink to me only with thine eyes'

p.120  'As I saw fair Flora' - a two part song set by Mr.Hayden

p.121  'Damon and Clora' - [Henry Harrington]  (1727-1816)

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