'The Friar of Orders Gray' & 'Epitaph' - 3pt. Glees - Callcott


John Wall Callcott  1766-1821

'Epitaph in the Church Yard of Brading, in the Isle of Wight.  Set to Music as a Glee for two Trebles & a Bass, By J.W.Callcott, Mus.Bac.Oxon.   Composed Thursday Sept.r 24th., 1795 at St.John's near Ride, in the Isle of Wight, at that time the residence of Sir Archibold Macdonald, Lord Chief Baron.   Pr. 1s.6'

'The Friar of Orders Gray, A Glee for two Trebles & a Bass, Set to Music & Adapted for the Piano Forte,  By J.W.Callcott,...The words from Dr.Percy's Reliques of Antient Poetry-Vol 1 composed Thursday Sept. 24th.1795, at St John's near Ride in the Isle of Wight,......'

London Printed for the Author by Lavenu & Mitchell No..26 New Bond Street   [the 26 is superimposed over 29]

pp.(1),2,3    1805?    Callcott's initials, JWC    A rare item.  To have these two pieces printed together is most unusual   The 2 leaves are nigh on parted; disbound

The words of 'Epitaph' are an adaptation, probably by the Rev.John Gill, of Anne Steele's poem, "On the death of Mr. John Hervey," published in 1780.

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