Spread the Board - Vcl.Quintetto/pf. - Bishop


Henry Rowley Bishop  1786-1855   Words:- T.Morton

Spread the Board, Quintetto, Sung by Miss Stephens, Messrs. Fawcett, Comer, Tinney & Mas.tr Longhurst.  In the Musical Romance call'd 'Henri Quatre',  The Words by T,Morton Esq.r at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden.  Composed by Henry R.Bishop, Composer & Director of the Music to the Theatre Royal Covent Garden   Price 2/6

London, Published by Goulding, D'Almaine Potter & Co.,20,Soho Sq. & to be had at 7,Westmorland St.Dublin

pp.8, (47-54)    wmk.1824    pf. and Voices - Solo for General D'Aumont and Trio for Florence, Page and Germain, Vincent & General

Henri Quatre was first produced in April 1820. A number of the songs, like 'My pretty page', 'Tell me, my heart', were published separately, however I can't find a reference to this one

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