Fra tante angoscie/'La Cenerentola' - Cavatina

Ref. g 362

London, Published at Falkner's, Opera Music Warehouse, 3, Old Bond Street, & Mrs.Attwood's, 4, Nassau Strt. Dublin

Caraffa (Michele Carafa- 1787-1872)  Arranged by M.C. Mortellari   Sung by Sigr. Torri

Wmk.1820   pp.7, last page blank   This edition is not in WorldCat   Disbound, condition good

Begins:- Frà tante angoscie è palpiti quest' alma o ciel conforta

Rossini was a life long friend of Carafa.  The first performance of Rossini's 'La Cenerentola' was in Jan.1817

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