The addresses in red are those most frequently found.

A 1a  London, J.Bingley,37, Moneyers St. Hoxton, New Town   (Only found on No.1. Perhaps a Proof copy) 1845

A 1    (London) J. Bingley, 37 Moneyers St., Hoxton and W. Strange, 21 Paternoster Row 1845-1847 Nos.1-122

A 2     (London Office) 200 High Holborn and W. Strange, 21,  Paternoster Row 1847-1849  Nos.123-192

A 3     Office: 192 High Holborn and W. Strange, 21,  Paternoster Row 1849-1851 Nos.193-298

A 3j    Office: 192 High Holborn and W. Strange Jnr., 21 Paternoster Row -  1850 -  Nos.226-250

A 3a   London ‘Musical Bouquet’ Office 192 High Holborn - 1851 -  Nos.307-323 

A 3b   ‘Musical Bouquet’ Office 192 High Holborn and J. Allen, 20 Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row 1851-1861 To No.2422d

A 3d    'Musical Bouquet' Office  192, High Holborn, J.Allen and F.Pitman, Paternoster Row  1861 To No.2446

A 3c     ‘Musical Bouquet’ Office 192, High Holborn – City agents: J. Allen, 20 Warwick Lane and F. Pitman, 20, Paternoster Row 1861-1862  To No.2816d

A 3f      ‘Musical Bouquet’ Office 192, High Holborn–City agents: E.W. Allen, 20 Warwick Lane and F.Pitman, 20, Paternoster Row 1862-1864 To No.3566 

A4         C. Sheard ‘Musical Bouquet’ Office 192 HighHolborn-City wholesale agents: E.W.Allen, 11 Ave Maria Lane and F. Pitman, 20, Paternoster Row 1864-1887  To No.7638
A4a     Agents’ names were omitted and we have either:  
             London, C. Sheard ‘Musical Bouquet’ Office 192 High Holborn (W.C.) or: 
             London, C. Sheard 192 High Holborn (W.C.) 1884-1888   To No.7815                                                                                                      

A 5a     Printed and Publ. by Chas. Sheard & Co. 192 High Holborn (W.C.) Telegraphic Address – Musical Bouquet London  1888-1890   T0 No.8285                                                                                                                                                                                                    

A5        Printed and Publ. by Chas. Sheard & Co. 192 High Holborn (W.C.) 1890-189To No.9050

A6        London: Charles Sheard & Co. 196 Shaftesbury Av. (Bloomsbury End) W.C. 1897-1898 To No.9154

A6a      London: Charles Sheard & Co. 196 Shaftesbury Av. 1898 -

A6b      Charles Sheard & Co. Anglo-American Music Publishers, 196 Shaftesbury Avenue 1898-1917  [Telephone No. 2193 Gerrard  Telegraphic Address, "Musical Bouquet, London."]

A5,6a & 6b, these may have an associated American Music Publisher added. (See below)

NT        Moreland & Co., Music & Musical Instrument Warehouse, Collingwood, Newcastle-on-Tyne  1850-1853

HD1  Herman Darewski Music Publishing Co., 9, Compton St.  1917-
          Darewski having acquired the firm in 1917 occasionally used some of the stock under his own imprint. Pieces I have found are:- 7338d, 7505, 8809 and 8834.

Other Addresses 

A1 To the Bingley address is added ‘New Town’ on Numbers including 1, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18
 (na)There are no addresses printed on:- 4,20,43,53,61,62d,70,71d,74,76,77,78,90,95,97,113,114,121,126,133d,145d,309,395d,402d,9062 & 9088,        IF 1st.Editions. 
A3e ‘Musical Bouquet’ Office 192 High Holborn – City agents: F. Pitman 20 Paternoster Row  [1862?]
A3c, 3e & 3f These sometimes have ‘Charles Sheard’ at the beginning
A3/4 London: Published at the M.B. Office 192 High Holborn, E.W. Allen, 11 Ave Maria Lane Paternoster Row
A4b C. Sheard Musical Bouquet Office: City agents: F. Pitman 20 & 21 Paternoster Row
T.P.Rodgers, Music Warehouse, 25, Norfolk Market Hall, Sheffield- is often printed to later Nos. - 1870-1910

Associated Music Publishers, mainly American                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          A.H. Fitz, Music Co., Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A.  
Allan & Co., Collins Street, Melbourne
Anton J.Benjamin, Hambourg, Germany
Charles Chester & Co.,Chicago, U.S.A.
Charles K.Harris, U.S.A
Chas.B.Ward, Music Publishing Co., 42 W.28th St.,N.Y.
E.T.Paull, Music Co., 842 & 844 Broadway   and  20 East 17th.St. New york
F.A.Mills,45,West 29th.St.,New York
Hamilton S. Gordon, 139 Fifth Avenue, New York
The Howley Dresser Music Co., Holland Building,1440 Broadway
Howley,Haviland and Dresser, 1260 66 Broadway, New York
Julia M. Flanley, U.S.A.
Julie C. Petrie, U.S.A.
H.W.Petrie, Music Co.53 West 28th.Street, New York & Austin, Ills. U.S.A.                                                       Ernest Köhler & Son, 101, Leith Street, Edinburgh
J.W.Pepper, U.S.A.
Legg Bros. Kansas City, MO, U.S.A.
M.Witmark and Sons, 57 West 28th St.,New York
National Music Co., 215-221 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
Oliver Ditson Co., 150 Tremont St.,Boston 
Recker, Vogler and Co., 5 East 14th St., New York
J.H.Rogers, U.S.A.
J.W. Stern & Co. 45, East 20th.Street, New York, U.S.A.
Roger Bros., Music Co.
Rogers and Eastman, Cleveland, Ohio
The Howley-Dresser Music Co., Holland Building, 1440 Broadway
The S. Brainard's Sons Co.,Chicago,U.S.A. 
Thompson Music Co., Chicago, U.S.A.   
The White Smith Music Publishing Co., Stanhope St., Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
Will Rossiter, Main Offices, 56 Fifth Av., New York – Branch, 377 Sixth Av.
Willis Woodward and Co., 842&844 Broadway

The ‘Musical Bouquet’ was sold to Darewski in 1917, it then passed to Feldman, on to Francis, Day & Hunter, and as from 1972 with E.M.I, Faber Music Ltd. took over some of the rights in 2005 and as from 1st. January 2011, it resides with Hall Leonard, U.S.A. During the transfer of ownership between Francis Day & Hunter and E.M.I., a Huge bonfire was built, which, alack-a day, destroyed vast amounts of documentary evidence, not only for the M.B.   

Birth and Death dates for owners & partners
James Bingley ca.1796-1869
William Strange 1801-1871
William Strange Jnr.  1824-
J. Allen (James John Fountain)  1813-1862                           
F. Pitman (Frederick)  1828-1886                                    
E.W. Allen (Edward William)  1828-1899                              
Charles Sheard  1826-1873 

Charles Henry Sheard (Senior Partner) 1852-1913, also known as John Knight.  The probate of his Estate, with Effects of £3,028 17s. 10d., was granted to his widow, Clara Elizabeth, his second wife.  She may well have been the person who ran the business until its sale in 1917.

Editors and Principal Illustrator
Francis Lancelott  (1st Editor, 1845/6)  ca.1815-1899 He contributed some 27 original pieces & arrangements      
George Joseph Oliver Allmann  (2nd Editor, 1847/8)  1822-1902   7 pieces & arrangements by him.                   
Alfred Ashley  1821?-1897   In the early years there are 200+ illustrations by him 

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