Cz    Comic
Chz  Character
Clz   Comic Ladies
Coz  Companion
Crz   Nursery
Cnz  Corner
Dz    Descriptive
Ez    Echo
Esz  End Song
Hz    Humorous
Jz     Julilee
Lz     Ladies’
Laz   Laughing
Lscz  Ladies’ Serio‐comic
Mz    Motto
Miz   Military Song
Nz    National/Patriotic
Niz   Negro Song
Pz    Parody
Phz  Philanthropic
Rz    Reply/Answer
Sz    Sacred
Scz   Serio‐comic
Seaz Seasonal Song
Sez   Sequel
Snz  Sneezing
Soz  Society
Tz    Temperance
Toz  Topical Song
Tuz  Trades Unionist
pf.   Piano
vl.   Violin
vcl. Vocal
d    double
t     triple
q    quadruple
BL   British Library
Bod. Bodleian
EMI   Electric & Musical Industries
MS   Mervyn Slatter
os    Other Copies Seen
op    copies that I have in 'Other    Publications'

In the catalogue, printing in green is for pieces that are unique to the bound volumes.
b    black
bl   blue
br   brown
f     fawn
g    green
gd  gold
p/r  pinky‐red
r     red
s    sepia
w   white

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