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'The Musical Bouquet' A Study of a  Music Publisher 1845-1917  - Mervyn Slatter   Published privately (in 2011)

This website gives extracts from the above book, which is largely based on my collection and that of the British Library.

The 'Musical Bouquet’ publications fall into three categories:

  1. The Catalogue - some 6,870 pieces numbered from 1 to 9161
  2. Other Publications - tutors, albums etc. 
  3. Standard Pieces - more expensive sheet music + many references to music found in 'Other Publications'

I am hopeful that the catalogue can be improved by comments from the public and I am more than happy to share information regarding this publisher.
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Latest News

                                  June 25th. 2019  I have added a new address to the Addresses list!  This came about by looking back on the pieces in Harriet Hooton's album of music. She was Alfred Ashley's cousin and he sent her seven pieces of music all dating from the very beginnings of the M.B.  (Ashley was the principle illustrator for the M.B.)  Most of these pieces have anomolies but, the address is the most significant. 

London, J. Bingley, 37, Moneyers St. Hoxton, New Town.                                                                                 And Sold by All Booksellers

No mention of W. Strange.  I have given it the reference no. 1a.  It is unlikely that another will be found.         Again, many thanks to those who have helped with information regarding the M.B.

Help too might be forthcoming about No. 1.  Not 'The Drawing Room Mazurka' but, 'Four Mazurkas and a Finale, this was advertised 11.4.1845.  I do not have a copy, neither is it in The Bodleian nor The British Libraries.

I am sad to record the recent death of Peter Gammond.  Peter wrote the Essay for my book.  Google his name and Obituary and you will find out about this splendid man.

                                   July 20th. 2017   I am most grateful to Alan Wills of sheetmusicwarehouse.co.uk for his kindness in supplying me with much music for the M.B.  This is a site well worth visiting.  His collection of sheet music is enormous and very well presented. He covers a great range of music from Classical to Pop and from Piano to Ukulele. It would be great fun to give it a try.

                                    July 4th. 2017    The 'Addresses' section gives all the dates for the main participants in the M.B.  To Charles Henry Sheard I have added the name of John Knight, as in his will this is given as 'also known as John Knight'.  Knight was the Maiden name of his second wife Clara Elizabeth.  Clara died in New Malden, Surrey in 1932.     His father wrote the words for eight songs between 1855 and 1861, mainly patriotic, but nothing appears, either as composer or author, by his son. 

                                    April 17th. 2017                                                                                                                        I am much obliged to Becky Dellow for sending me information regarding a Companion Series, published by the Musical Bouquet,appearing fortnightly from 1858-60, called 'The Musical Gem'.  She has sent me a photo of a copy which I illustrate, though not a clear copy.  Should you have any information regarding this series then I would be most interested to hear from you. Becky is a PhD music student, who has been asking me questions regarding her research into 'Fiddler Tunebooks', mid-late 19th century hand-written collections of music, compiled by amateur instrumentalists.  Please contact me if you have any information regarding her interesting quest.

                                    April 13th. 2017                                                                                                                        I have added birth and death dates for the principal members of the 'Musical Bouquet'.  These are to be found under 'Addresses'

                                    November 17th. 2016                                                                                                        Many 'Standard' pieces have come to light from this catalogue, these will be entered in due course. 

                                    November 9th.2016   Well I can't trump today's international news, but a rare 'M.B.' catalogue should be arriving by post very soon.  I have 2 catalogues but this one lists the works alphabetically.  I will study it on arrival and comment later.

                                    October 28th.2016   For Sale    'L'Allegro ed il pensieroso Handel arr. Clarke  £30

For further information See 'Shop' and the 'Georges & William' section and look for g385

                                     July 2016   In my Foreword I have mentioned the publisher Davidson; should he be of interest to you then I can add some extra addresses, expanding a little on the list given by John A. Parkinson in his invaluable book 'Victorian Music Publishers'.  Go to 'Contact'

                                     The twelfth day of Christmas 2016  SHOP  I have entered much Organ music to the list recently and as from tomorrow there should appear the start of a Piano section.  I have begun with music for two pianos and will add piano duets and piano solos as time goes on.

                                     Nov. 17th. 2015 Having checked Ashley's 'cousin' it appears that she was either a second cousin or a step cousin.  My thanks go to the genealogist Gill Blanchard for this information.  Along with these 2 inscribed copies, which I mentioned on Nov.5th, there are, now disbound, the first 7 copies from the catalogue which differ, in one way or another, from other early copies. They might be proofs.                                                          On another piece of sheet music, from the same album, she gives her name as Harriet Elizabeth Hooton - Newport Pagnall, Bucks.

                                     Bonfire Night - Nov.5th.  Two copies have just come my way which appear to to have an inscription in Alfred Ashley's handwriting, as gifts to his cousin; the first in his hand that I have seen.  The copies are Nos.194 & 197.  I have added the thumbnail to No.197 in the Catalogue. Have a look at No.197.

                                      August 6th.  I am much indebted to Steve Gardham, from Hull, for giving me a number of M.B. copies and also sending scans of others.  These are being added as thumbnails in the Catalogue



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